PolyCoat - Slurry Anti-Tack Coatings

As the industry leader, SASCO’s innovative slurry anti-tack, in conjunction with our SASCO Automated Mixing Station, has reshaped the rubber Industry.  Keeping in mind, every customer’s application is unique, our Research and Development Team has developed an extensive line of slurries and pastes, each designed to address the specific needs of our customers.  Regardless of application, our customers can expect the PolyCoat products to provide:



  • Improved downstream processing by eliminating common issues such as blisters and porosity associated with cold feed extruders.
  • Uniform, thin film coating to eliminate stuck rubber and the need for reworks.
  • Elimination of respiratory hazards and dust due to cutting and dumping powder products.
  • Polycoat products dry within minutes after application.

SASCO’s diverse line of PolyCoat products and the SASCO Automated System provide our customers with an innovative approach to dip application and absolute solids control for optimum anti-tack performance.







SASCO Cote - Powder Anti-Tack Coatings

After years of creating slurry anti-tack coatings, SASCO has taken an unprecedented approach by creating a unique powder anti-tack coating, unlike any other powder product on the market.  Our highly engineered composite powders have been surface-treated to yield a free-flowing powder that readily disperses in water and creates a uniform, thin film coating that will not dust or flake off the rubber.

What can you expect from a SASCO powder:

  • SASCO Cote powders are milled to a fine consistency so they readily disperse in water which prevents un-dissolved material from coating the rubber, causing downstream extrusion issues.
  • SASCO Cote powders were developed to mimic the flawless coating achieved with our slurry products – no stuck rubber and no blisters.
  • SASCO Cote will dry in minutes after application.
  • SASCO has developed a unique automated mixing system to provide a touchless, dustless application of the SASCO Cote powder with complete solids control at your fingertips.


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