SASCO’s environmentally friendly biomedical product line has changed the working environment in hospitals, medical schools and research facilities world-wide by controlling and eliminating the hazards associated with formaldehyde.

Formalex®, our flagship product, effectively neutralizes formaldehyde waste for disposal.

PolyForm-F™, a granular product, used to control spills of various types of aldehydes.

Fan Pads GL™, Formalex® infused dissection pads, used during the dissection of formalin fixed tissue or specimens to reduce employee exposure to the formalin vapors. Fan Pad GL™ made its debut on the space shuttle, Columbia, in 1998.

Infutrace™, a post-embalming treatment for cadavers and laboratory animals to eliminate formaldehyde and phenol vapors.

Normalin™, a nonformaldehyde tissue fixative.

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