Mold Release

SASCO has developed a comprehensive line of both silicone and non-silicone mold & hose releases. Highlighted by the TechKote series of semi-permanent releases, this product group has gained success, one customer at a time.

TechKote products have proven effective when used on HNBR, polyisoprene, peroxide cured EPDM, vamac, natural rubber, butyl, nitrile, SBR and fluoroelastomers. 

Benefits of the TechKote series:

:  TechKote products are unique polymeric blends that significantly improve flow characteristics of most rubber substrates during molding.
Benefits:  Reduction of scrap – Eliminates non-fills.
Mold FoulingCoupling the use of high purity raw materials and the most technologically advanced mixing equipment available, has allowed us to produce a release that when exposed to heat stays water clear and does not brown out.
Benefits:  Cleaner parts - More heats between cleaning – Less down time – Reduction in scrap. 
Migration:  TechKote is formulated to adhere to the metal surface of the mold and to allow only a microscopic amount of release to migrate from the mold surface to the rubber part.   
Benefits:  Cleaner parts – Eliminates knit lines – Reduces usage – Cleaner molds.

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