Our Products

CR Dispersions offers a superior, high concentrated water-based dispersion for coating wood and fiber substrates including mulch landscaping materials.


CR Dispersions’ product line consists of the following:


CR Dispersions Black:
•  Black


CR Dispersions Brown:
• Vibrant Brown 100
• Bold Brown 200
• Intense Brown 300


CR Dispersions Red:
• Vibrant Red 100
• Bold Red 200
• Intense Red 300


Our colorants are used in mulches that are 100% wood composition.  Colored mulch has the following benefits:
 Prevents weed growth around mulched areas when applied at a depth of three inches or greater
• Retains water that is typically lost through evaporation which is ideal for plant growth
• Prevents soil erosion and drought injury to plants
• Enhances the soil by adding nutrients as it slowly breaks down
• Offers s higher resistance to sunlight than basic mulch

• Adds unique curb appeal


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