SASCO Chemical Group, Inc. has been a leader and innovator in food plant sanitation for the past sixty-three years.  We strive to form a partnership with our customers to help improve the overall performance of their sanitation program.   Sasco has the ability to tailor make products to fit each customers individual needs.  This helps to limit the overall number of products introduced into a facility.


Janitorial Products
Hand Care
Specialty Cleaners Acid Cleaners
Caustic Cleaners
CIP Cleaners
CIP Neutralizers
Chlorinated Cleaners Sanitizers
Foam Cleaners
Manual Cleaners Maintenance Products
Water Treatment
Drain Treatment


SASCO's sanitation service program has proven to be a leader in its field.  Our qualified personnel will analyze and assist in daily sanitation operations to ensure that our chemicals are stocked, stored, and used properly in your facility.  Sasco customizes a service program to fit each customers needs.  These programs always provide the latest in cleaning and disinfecting technology.


SASCO has certified personnel, who can provide the following training:

Chemical Safety
Chemical First Aid
Chemical Usage
MSDS Training
OSHA Training
DOT Training
HAZMAT 40 Hour
HAZMAT 8 Hour Update


Assistance is provided with the following programs and procedures:
Sanitizing Procedures
Sanitizing Testing
Cleaning Procedures
Chemical Procedures
Product Usage
Chemical First Aid Response
Chemical Spill Response


SASCO Chemical Group, Inc., believes in providing the most technically advanced equipment on the market, which helps eliminate human error and reduces employee handling of concentrated chemicals.  We can provide PLC and manuel based systems.  SASCO has a team of trained personnel to assist in CIP and COP system design.
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