Supply Chain Selection

We believe in order for our customers to be successful, they need a supplier they can depend on, someone that takes their needs seriously and is able to adapt and be prepared - to supply product at a moment’s notice.

At SASCO, we understand the need for stable and reliable service. This is why we set the bar extremely high for our own supply chain selection.  Our Technical Team only qualifies the best raw materials from suppliers who are willing to provide us with the following:
  • Unique, cost effective solutions to increase the performance of SASCO’s products.
  • Reliable, consistent raw materials.
  • Back-up supply chains. 
  • The ability to fill our pipe-line and react when changes are needed.
  • Quality, safety, and production that is up to our standards.

We also manage this process by arming ourselves with the knowledge needed to identify market trends and problems before they affect our supply chain. 

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